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Your journey to achieving a healthy body weight starts with cardio exercises like cycling, running, jogging, dancing, and other activities that make your heart beat faster. But bellecampus is focused on cycling.

According to a report by Harvard University, it has been proven that cycling on a stationary bike at 12 to 13.9 miles per hour for 30 minutes will burn 210 calories in a person weighing 125 pounds and 260 calories in a person weighing 260 pounds.

Now imagine cycling for 30 minutes every day and eating the proper diet.

Excellent results, right?

Bellecampus is a blog that educates you on cycling and recommends suitable cycling machines based on your height, weight, budget, disability, and other essential factors.

Even if this website is for informational purpose only, we have certified fitness coaches and editors in our team who ensure that the information updated here are close to accurate.

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