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Hitting the gym for a cardio workout may not be convenient for most people. This is why the search for the best rowing machine for apartments is increasing daily.

But how do you make the right choice?

Undoubtedly, every rowing machine for an apartment must be quiet, foldable, and compact. A deafening machine can be very disturbing to the apartment. It is not difficult to detect a noisy rowing machine, but it won’t be easy to see when buying online. 

If you are buying from online marketplaces like Amazon, you will need to take your time to check different machines. Anyway, you don’t need to waste your time on that. Here, you’ll find out the best rowing machines for apartments.


6 best rowing machine for apartment


Echelon smart rowing machine


Mercy foldable 8-level magnetic rowing machine


3. Stamina rowing exercise machine


XTERRA fitness ERG200 folding magnetic rower


SNODE water rowing machine


DripeX magnetic rowing machine


6 Best Rowing Machine for Apartment

Here’s a list that will help you find the best rower for your home easily;

1.   Echelon smart rowing machine

This is an amazon choice rowing machine. It is a quiet and foldable rowing machine that will suit your home. Echelon smart rowing machine is a highly purchased rowing machine on Amazon. It has hundreds of good reviews and is 4.5-star rated on amazon. If you are looking for the best rowing machine in your home, consider checking this machine.


The product details are:

  • Model Name: Smart rower
  • Brand: Echelon
  • Resistance Mechanism: Magnetic
  • Item Dimensions: LxWxH 84.65 x 20.47 x 43.7 inches
  • Item Weight: 120 Pounds
  • Material: Alloy Steel, Plastic
  • Maximum Weight: 300 Pounds
  • Colour: Black
  • Display Type: LCD

2. Mercy foldable 8-level magnetic rowing machine

This is another best rower for home use. It is an amazon recommended rower. Hundred of them have been sold out, yet there is no red flag or bad reviews. This comes with a foldable design, a highly comfortable seat, and an easy-to-read LCD. It is also rated 4.5 and have hundreds of good reviews.


Product details:

  • Model Name: NS-40503RW
  • Brand: Marcy
  • Resistance Mechanism: Magnetic
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 4 x 19.7 x 31.9 inches
  • Material: Alloy Steel
  • Maximum Weight: 300 Pounds
  • Colour: Grey
  • Number of Batteries: 2 AA batteries are required.
  • Frame Material: Metal
  • Display Type: LC2

3. Stamina rowing exercise machine

This is another good rower sold and shipped by amazon. It is a highly compact rower with special features to enhance rowing comfortability.

This product is highly supported by müüv. With the support, you can access their amazing multi-function fitness monitor and a chest strap heart rate sensor. The monitor allows you to track distance, reps, time and the total number of calories burnt on each rowing. It also has many good reviews and a high rate on amazon.

Product details:

  • Brand : Stamina
  • Special Feature: Pivoting foot plates
  • Color : Silver
  •  Resistance Mechanism: Hydraulic
  • Maximum Weight Recommendation: 250 Pounds
  • Tension Level: Adjustable Tension

4. XTERRA fitness ERG200 folding magnetic rower

This is a supper quiet rowing machine.

“The foot paddles squeak occasionally; otherwise, it’s not that loud. I balance my phone under the control panel and watch Netflix while rowing. My phone speaker is more than enough!” a happy customer said.

It has a 4.3-star rating on Amazon, which shows that it is actually a very good rower you can purchase for home usage.

Product description:

  • Brand: Xterra Fitness
  • Color: Black
  • Resistance mechanism: 8 Manual Dial Settings
  • Product Dimension: 20.7″D x 71.9″W x 31.5″H
  • Maximum Weight Recommendation : 250 Pounds
  • Model name: ERG200
  • Frame material: Aluminium

5. SNODE water rowing machine

SNODE water rowing machine is a highly purchased rowing machine on Amazon. It is not just getting high sales but also high rates and reviews.

Their support is super amazing. The machine buyer will be given free workout training and access to their fitness app. And with the app, you can record your time, SPM , distance, Calories, pace per 500m, Watt , Stroke time, and Resistance.

The product details:

  • Brand: Snode
  • Resistance Mechanism: Water
  • Item Dimensions: LxWxH 73 x 17 x 33 inches
  • Material: Alloy Steel, Polycarbonate
  • Maximum Weight Recommendation: 300 Pounds
  • Colour: Support Paddling
  • Frame Material: Iron
  • Display Type: LCD

6. DripeX magnetic rowing machine

DrIpeX magnetic rowing machine is another amazon recommended rower, not because it is being sold by amazon. It is due to the number of good reviews and the high rate.

If you are looking for a very comfortable, beautiful, quiet and compact rowing machine to use at home, then check out DripeX magnetic machine.

The product details are below:

  • Brand: DripeX
  • Resistance Mechanism: Magnetic
  • Item Dimensions: LxWxH 63.58 x 20.87 x 34.25 inches
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Maximum Weight Recommendation: 265 Pounds
  • Colour: Black
  • Frame Material: Aluminum


Are home rowers worth it?

A home rower has many benefits. People who have rowing machines in their homes don’t need a gym to get their desired body image. You stay in your comfort zone and achieve your aim

What type of rowing machine is best for home use?

A magnetic rowing machine tends to be the best rowing machine for home use. However, many water resistance rowers are highly suitable for home use.

Can you use a rowing machine in an apartment?

Yes. Using rowing machines is even more comfortable than in other places like the gym. Most people prefer using rowers in their apartments rather than in the gym.  


The above rowing machines are the best rowing machines for apartment. However, due to the high purchase of those products, they may be out of stock anytime.

If you need any of them, you should not wait until they are no longer available. Although they can’t be out of stock all at once. if one is not available, check another.

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