High Volume Training for Fat Loss: Everything you Should Know

Are you interested in knowing about high volume training for fat loss? Yes, training that will get you your desired body shape? then, you have just landed on the right page.

Losing fat naturally has been the biggest dream for many overweight people. Many of them have tried different kinds of exercise to achieve that summer body but no result.

Do you fall in this category or you are just looking for a better training routine to burn fat? Whatever your answer may be, the goal of this article is to help know how to use high volume training for fat loss.

So, grab a cup of coffee as we show you how high volume training for fat loss can get you your desired body shape.

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So back to business;

What Is High Volume Training?

High volume training also known as weightlifting is training that involves more numbers of reps and sets. Rep is a term used for repetition, and the set is completing a specific number of reps.

The main aim of doing this exercise is to build muscles and burn fat at the same time. However, not all weightlifting exercises are considered high volume training.

Any weight lifting training below ten (10) reps and three (3) sets is considered low-volume training.

High volume training is mainly seen as an alternative to cardio. And one of the exciting things about high volume training is that you don’t have to be an expert to start it. 

Although, it is recommended to start with a lighter weight and improve it as you get familiar.

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Benefits of High Volume Training

No one involves in any workout without expecting benefits or results. Your main aim in choosing high volume training may be only for fat loss. But that’s not the only benefit you will gain.

Well, below are some other benefits you will gain from high volume workouts.

  • Burn Fat – High-volume workout helps cut more calories, resulting in fat loss. Regular high-volume exercise is an effective and perfect way to burn fat.
  • Build Muscle – The best training for muscle building so far is high-volume exercise. If you are such a person who is interested in building muscles, take high-volume activity, your friend. 
  • Strength – as I said earlier, if you start high-volume training, you should start with a lighter weight. Then the heavier one. During the process, you will notice that you are gaining more strength.

How to Use High Volume Training for Fat Loss?

When it comes to using high high-volume exercise for fat loss, you have to be patient. There’s no need to rush things here; everything has to take a gradual process to yield a better result. 

Firstly, when you are starting out with high-volume exercise, start with low reps and sets, and then you move up with time.

It is also very important to be consistent with your workout routine. Don’t for forget that consistency is better than intensity.

Start with minimum reps and sets, then increase them every two days or weekly. Do that for some weeks before adding weight.

Follow the same procedure for the weight you added before adding another.

By doing this, you will be able to lose fat, build muscles and gain more strength at the same time.

It is also recommended to have a training mentor, but if you don’t, that’s not a big deal.

List of High Volume Training for Fat Loss?

  • Squat – according to Wilson, he said: “squatting training burns more calories because more muscles are put to work” It is an effective way to lose weight for some period of time.
  • Pull-Up – This is mainly for those who want to build their chest. It, however, also helps in burning excess fat.
  • Walking Lunge – This is another high-volume training that will help you burn fat efficiently. This is done by stepping one foot forward and letting the second foot maintain a steady position. Then dance the first foot backward. Keep doing that as many as you can.
  • Thruster – This is a combination of squat and vertical pushing. To do this, hold weights by your ears while standing with your legs slightly wider than hip distance apart, arms lifted to shoulder height with elbows bent.
  • Bench press – During this exercise, a group of muscles is put to work. That makes it excellent for weight loss. To do this, get a set of dumbbells and lie back on the workout bench. Hold them on your chest, straighten your arms to your shoulders, and let your palms face away from your face. Then push the dumbbells up with your arms fully extended. Lower it back with control to the sides of your chest. 
  • Deadlift – This is done by lifting a barbell from the ground to the middle of your feet, then bringing it back on the ground. Follow the same procedure until you get tired or exhausted.
  • Kettlebell Swing – This is a full-body movement. It puts all parts of your body at work and increases the heart rate, automatically burning more calories. To do this, stand with your feet widely spread apart, push the kettlebell with both hands, then Inhale and lower the kettlebell between your legs by pushing your hips back and slightly bending your knees. Retake the same process.
  • Split Squat – This is different from regular squatting and similar to a lunge. To do this, stand in a split position, then lower and raise your hips continuously. 
  • Push up – This is commonly used training to burn fat. It has been proven to be an effective way to lose fat in a short time. To do this, get down on your feet and palms, but make your hand wider than your feet. Lower yourself to the point when your chest is almost touching the floor. Push yourself back up after a little pause. Repeat the same process.


Low volume training also helps in fat burning. It is always better training for beginners to start with. However, it is not bad if you have chosen to go for high volume training for fat loss. 

Whether you are a beginner or not, you can indulge in the training. Well, the best to get a perfect result from this exercise is to get a trainer. 

That will prevent doing the training wrongly, which can delay the result. 

You should be aware that diet also plays a vital role in weight loss training, cardio or volume. Hope you love these high volume training for fat loss?

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