How High Should Handlebars be on Stationary Bike

Have you been asking how high should handlebars be on stationary bike? Then you just landed on the right page.

Setting up a stationary bike may be confusing sometimes, especially when setting up handlebars. It is where most people get more confused.

Handlebars are something that requires much attention and observation to discover how high they should be. And When they are adjusted wrongly, it can cause pain or injury to the rider.

To avoid this, you need to know how high and low the handlebars should be on a stationary bike.

How High Should Handlebars Be on Stationary Bike? 

The height of the handlebars mostly depends on the rider. Some riders find it comfortable when it is low, and some find it comfortable when it is high.

However, the normal height for handlebars is a few CM higher than the bike seat. Then you can pull it a little closer to the seat. If you feel uncomfortable with that position, adjust it slightly far away from the seat. Keep changing it until your spine, and the elbow maintain a neutral position.

Another way to detect the exact height for handlebars on a stationary bike is to sit comfortably on the bike without holding the handlebar. Your hand should be comfortably stretched also. Then, observe the position of the handlebar; it should be right below your palms. If not, adjust it to that position. It will become more comfortable to ride.

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Factors to Consider When Adjusting the Handlebar of Your Exercise Bike

When adjusting the handlebar of a bike, there are some things you need to take a look at in order to get the actual height easily.

1.      Handlebar Height

Your level of comfort while riding a stationary bike can be affected by the height of the handlebar. If the bar is too low, pressure on your wrists and forearms may cause discomfort. Also, the handlebar may make it challenging to reach the pedals if they are too high. The height of your handlebars should be adjusted based on your comfortability.

2.      Seat height

To discover how high handlebars should be on stationary bike, consider seat height when adjusting a bike handlebar. Your seat height should be at the same level as your hips. If the seat is higher or lower than your hips, getting the actual height for the handlebar won’t be easy. 

3.      Handlebar Length

Handlebar length should also be put into consideration. The distance between your hands should be equal to the distance from your elbows to your shoulders. If the space differs, it will make you feel uncomfortable even when the height is okay. However, you can easily fix this by moving them further apart or closer.


Individual differences make it impossible to know the general height of the handlebars on a stationary bike. However, if you use the technique above, you will discover the exact height the handlebar should be for yourself.

If another person wants to use the same bike, they may have to follow the same procedure to discover how high the handlebars should be on stationary bike.

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