how often to use beard oil

How Often To Use Beard Oil: Doing It the Right Way

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Knowing how often to use beard oil is very important to avoid overusing or underusing it. Anyway, as a new user of beard oil, there is a high probability that you get confused about the proper usage of the beard oil.

Meanwhile, I found it necessary to put up this article when I began to get some messages through the contact page.

Some these messages entail questions like; how often should I use beard butter or beard oil, should I use beard oil everyday? how to apply beard oil for beginners and many others.

Well, I have decided to give you a comprehensive guide that will help you know how often to use beard oil, how to use beard oil and every other thing you need to know about the usage of beard oil.

Therefore, your attention is needed here. You can sit back, grab a cup of coffee, and relax your nerves as you read through this piece.

What Does Beard Oil Do

I understand that you are interested in knowing the frequency at which you can use beard oil but the fact is that not everyone understands what beard oil does.

Anyway, in order to help them out, beard oils are cosmetic products which act as moisturizers that help to soften and tame your beard hairs. They are also capable of moisturizing the skin beneath of your beard hairs.

This can be attributed to the presence of some natural ingredients like sunflower seed oil, argan oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil.

There are other things that beard oil does for your beard hairs which are highlighted below;

  • Beard oil makes your beard hair look shiny
  • Beard oil makes your beard hair look full.
  • It makes your beard hail smell good.
  • The beard oil tames your beard hairs.
  • And of course, moisturizes your beard hairs and skin beneath.

Does Beard Oil Grow Beard? – Find out Here

There is this popular belief that beard oil promote beard growth. Well, I am sorry to tell you that beard oil does not promote beard growth in any way and if it does, it has not been scientifically proven.

So, if you still believe in using beard oil everyday to promote beard growth, then you are getting it wrong.

Beard oils can only reduce your beard hair breakage so that your beard looks full. Meanwhile, if you want your beards to grow faster, fully and thicker, then you should get this effective beard growth product now.


How to Use Beard Oil Effectively

how often to use beard oil

This is as good as learning how to apply beard oil for beginners. Anyway, as a beginner or a regular user of beard oil, you must know how to use beard oil effectively before concluding on how often to use beard oil.

Therefore, you should see the steps to apply beard oil below;

  1. Take a shower – Yes, this stage is the first and the most important stage of applying beard oil. Ensure you shower so that the steam from the shower opens your pores and make your beard hairs and skin beneath accommodating the beard oil better.

Aside from that, there is a high probability that your beard hair is exposed to dust and germs which is not good enough for a beard oil to stay.

However, if you are not comfortable with taking a shower, you should wash your face in running water.

  1. Wipe Your Face With A Clean Towel – This is another essential step that needs to be taken after washing your face. You should ensure that you pat your face and beard hairs till you feel no wetness.

Applying beard oil on a wet hair is not just cool because I doubt if anybody will be comfortable with it.

  1. Pump It On Your Palms – If I am not mistaken, most beard oil containers make use of pumpers. Anyway, whatever type of container that your beard oil uses, you should make them available on your palms.

The quantity that you are to use depends on how much beard hairs you have. So for men with little beard hair, a pump is fine while for men with more beard hairs, two to three pumps are okay.

  1. Rub Your Palms Together And Apply – This step is important for the even distribution of the beard oil on your skin. You should ensure that the oil reaches every part of your beard hair and skin beneath.

If the first pump was not enough, then you should apply another and repeat this process until you are satisfied.

  1. Massage Your Face Properly – Having applied the beard oil, you should ensure that your face is massaged properly so that you can get the most out of your beard oil.

This because the ingredients that are present in beard oil contains essential vitamins and mineral which helps to reduce hair breakage, thereby giving you a healthy-looking beard.

  1. Brush Your Beard Brush – Brushing your beard hairs will make you look more handsome and younger. You can brush it to have any desired shape.

7. Use The Remnants On Your Palms – There is a high probability that your palms look oily after using the beard oil. So you can use them on your face, chest, hair and every other hairy part of your body.

 Meanwhile, I recommend that you use it on places that are less oily for optimum result.


How Often To Use Beard Oil

I believe you must have learnt how to apply beard oil properly. So the question now is how often you to use beard oil.

Well, the frequency at which you are to use your beard oil cannot be defined but depends on certain factors that are shown below;

  • How long and thick your hair is – This is the major factor that will determine how often to use beard oil. Men with thicker and longer beard hairs are should use beard oil more often than men with shorter and thinner beard hairs.
  • How often you go out – On, our research team discovered that men that go out every day tend to use beard oil more often than men that spend most time staying indoor.
  • How often you feel – Now it is left for you to decide when you want to apply your beard oil. You can apply in the day while chilling or expecting a visitor. Meanwhile, it has not been confirmed that using beard oil at night will yield any special result. But you can do it if you are comfortable with it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I use Beard Oil everyday?

Yes, you can use beard oil everyday providing that you are fine with it. Using it will equally make your beard shine every day.

Can Beard Oil grow beard?

The truth is that it has not been scientifically proven that using beard oil can grow a beard but it can make your beard hair look full because it reduces beard hair breakage.

How long does Beard oil last?

Beard oil are will last till their expiry date. Ensure you check the expiry date of the beard oil you are having. Meanwhile, most beard oil can last up to 4 years.


Beard oil can be used as often as the need arises. Using beard oil two to three times every day is not a bad idea. Everything depends on how comfortable you are with it.

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How often do you use your beard oil?

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