Uk and Canada which is best for international students to study abroad.


Canada is home to a population of 39 million people as well as some of the world’s most iconic landmarks. These include Niagara Falls, the majestic Rockies Mountains, as well as world famous city landmarks such as the CN Tower.

From the green, rolling hills of the Cotswolds to the calm waters of the Lake District, England is spoilt when it comes to natural beauty. Yet it’s also a nation that’s made its mark on history; whether it’s the international fame of its Royal Family or the grandeur of its castles. It’s also a place with its own eccentricities and unique customs that have endured through the centuries. Here, we provide some basic facts, to make sure you land on your feet when stepping onto English soil.

           “Do you want to study in UK or Canada this piece is for you.”

I will try to compare both countries on 5 parameters so you can easily make your decision,

The first I’ve in mind is the tuition fees for international students in both countries

Let me start with the UK.

The bachelor’s degree program is for 3 years while the master’s program is for 1 year as compared to the other country.

The average cost of this per year is around £10,000 to £15000 ( pounds).

In Canada, there are multiple options, A Bachelor’s degree range ranges from 3- 5 years while a master’s is 2 years.

There are also available diploma and other certificate programs that are from 1-2 years durations.

The average cost of tuition per year could range from CAD$15,000- 18,000 and also for CAD$30,000 theses are for master’s or bachelor’s degree programs.

It all depends on the program you’re doing and the province you find yourself.

Let’s talk about the cost of living in The UK and Canada.

I know you love this, please read till the end.

Starting with the UK, the average cost of living for international student living In the UK per month range from £700 to £ 1300.

This depends on how they’re living whether they live in London or outside of London.

In Canada, the cost of living has gone high.

For a single person living in Canada. Now let me talk about a new international student who just landed in Canada for a program.

The cost of living could range from CAD$1200 a CAD$1500 with sharing of accommodation, groceries, and having no car.

This is the basic limit. But as the aspiration grows the cost of living tends to get higher, and the lifestyle changes.

This is for y’all who intend to study and work at the same time.

In the UK, anyone doing a bachelor’s degree program or a master’s can be granted a 2 years post-study work permit, and someone who’s doing a Ph.D.

Now it is time for those in Canada. It all depends on the length of the program.

If you’re doing a 1 year program you are entitled to a 1 year post-study work permit. But if you’re doing a 2 years program then 3 years work permit could be granted to you.

The most important of them all which I know you will be interested in is the Permanent resident.

The question now is, how easy is it to get a resident in these two countries?

Let’s start from the UK.

Getting a permit residency in the UK is not easy because a lot of people are out there struggling to get a PR.

If your job falls in the UL Shuttle occupation list it becomes easier for them to get a PR. However, you get solid pointe base systems. This means if you’ve 70 points you can still get sponsorship even though your job doesn’t fall in the UK shuttle occupation provided you get a job formalising sponsored and COS( certificate of sponsorship).

In Canada, it’s very similar. Canada has been following the point-based system for some time now. Buy in 2015 they switch to express entry.

Over the years Express entry has become very competitive, and Canada is also following and occupation-specific. It’s very hard for international students to get a PR.

It’s important to know the weather difference before you think of becoming an international student in These countries.

The UK is not that cold compared to Canada. Maybe in the North, it might be a little bit but not as cold as in Canada.

Canada is cold, yes very cold.

The good news is that you will get used to it no matter how cold it is.

This is over to you dear already international student living in the UK or Canada. You could help check the comparison and see how you can help others who are ready as well.

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