What to Wear Under Wetsuit?: Todays’ Answer

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What to wear under wetsuit can be a very difficult question to answer as a scuba diver or a swimmer. Although, wearing something under wetsuit is a thing of choice because most people prefer to wear nothing. Meanwhile, others feel is necessary to make them feel the warmth.

On belle campus today, we have decided to talk about the best thing to wear under a wetsuit for open water swimming.

Yes, this became necessary when we got feedback from our visitors asking questions like; what to wear under wetsuit triathlon, what to wear under wetsuit? : surfing, what to wear under wetsuit for warmth, and many others.

We couldn’t bear it any longer, so our team reached out to professionals who are good at diving, snorkelling and swimming generally. They gave a lot of resources and information which enabled us to come up with an answer to the question ‘what to wear under wetsuit?’

Relax your nerves as read through the best things to wear under a wetsuit below!

What to Wear Under Wetsuit – For Beginners and Professionals

A wetsuit is an indispensable item for swimming underwater, keeping the body warm and protecting it from various kinds of damage.

Many different types of clothing can be worn under a wetsuit. Many divers prefer regular swimming trunks, but there are also options with beach shorts. The inconvenience of beach shorts is obvious – they bulge under the wetsuit, causing severe discomfort.

This can lead to problems in the process of diving. There have been cases where the folds of the shorts squeezed the leg, blocking blood circulation, leading to decompression sickness.

So below are recommended for divers looking for alternatives to beach shorts but don’t want to wear swimming trunks?

  1. Swimming Suits

This wetsuit outfit is ideal for diving women asking what to wear under wetsuit female surfing. Yes, women’s swimsuits are most often close-fitting to the body, so they can be easily put on under a wetsuit without wrinkles.

When choosing the right swimsuit, it is best to look for products that do not have additional uncomfortable finishes, decorative elements or rigid details. Good examples are bikinis or sports swimwear.

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  • Cycling Shorts
  • Swim shorts are a good option to wear under a wetsuit when diving. They are more comfortable than regular swimming trunks or swimwear, and also give the added benefit of being easy to put on in a wetsuit.

    As an alternative to swimming shorts, you can bring shorts made of nylon or spandex. Women often compliment shorts with sports tops.

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    1. Neoprene Shorts

    Neoprene shorts are made by numerous companies that are popular with divers. They are worn under a wetsuit and wrap snugly around the diver’s body to avoid wrinkling or scuffing. Neoprene shorts make it easier to wear the wetsuit before diving.

    Also, an additional advantage of the product is protected from cold. If the diver is using neoprene shorts, they will need to use additional weights as neoprene is highly buoyant.

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    1. Neoprene T-Shirts and Turtlenecks

    A neoprene jersey is a great option for all divers who prefer to stay warm at all times. The neoprene turtleneck is worn under a wetsuit and helps to keep warm without adding extra thickness to your gear.

    The neoprene T-shirt covers most of the body, making it suitable for those divers who are shy. You can also wear a swimming suit under the turtleneck.

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    1. Lycra or Nylon Wetsuits

    Many divers use a nylon or lycra wetsuit when diving in warm water. These products can be easily put on under a regular wetsuit. Overalls, made of lycra or nylon, make it easy to don the wetsuit, protect against UV radiation, and help maintain warmth.

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    How to Wear a Wetsuit Correctly


    Having understood what to wear under a wetsuit, it is also important to know how to wear wetsuits like a pro.

    Yes, all lovers of swimming are wondering how to properly wear a wetsuit. Meanwhile, it is impossible to go underwater hunting without a suit. It comes in two types: wet and dry.

    In this section, we will try to figure out how to put on a wetsuit correctly. Each of the species has its characteristics, however, following the step-by-step instructions will help you get it right.

    1. Firstly, you need to take the bottom of the suit in your hands and then pinch the legs from the bottom. While holding the top hole with your hand, you need to carefully roll the liquid inside the pants so that each section of the inner surface is thoroughly wet with a soapy mixture.
    2. Pour out the soapy water, pinch one pant leg halfway with your fingers, like a stocking, and stick your leg into it. If the surface is well wetted, the foot will slip without problems.
    3. By the way, you should do the same with the second leg, then carefully pull the pants over the hips, straighten the folds with your palms. But try not to touch the inner surface of the suit with your fingers while putting on and do not jerk the fabric too harshly so as not to tear.
    4. Take the jacket, pinch the sleeves and neckline, and pour in the remaining water. Pour the liquid inside the jacket until every part of the suit is wet.
    5. Turn the jacket halfway out, slip your hand into one sleeve, pull it to the shoulder, then the other hand into the other sleeve.
    6. Slightly spread your elbows to the sides, throw the back of the jacket over your head, and stick your head through the opening of the collar or into the hood. Smoothly flatten the jacket along the torso, smoothing out the emerging folds.
    7. Pass the strap between the legs and close the front.

    Note that all diving equipment, i.e. belt, mask, lantern, knife, etc. must be prepared in advance, before putting on the suit, and spread out near the water.

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    How to Wear a Dry Wetsuit

    A “dry” wetsuit does not fit as tightly to the body as a “wet” one and is sewn on a lining, so it is much easier to put on. It does not need to be wetted from the inside – on the contrary, it should remain dry when immersed.

    The suit is used with underwear and cotton socks, and in winter – with thermal underwear and two pairs of socks.

    1. Unscrew the top of the suit.
    2. Gently slide your leg into one leg, holding the inside.
    3. Repeat the operation with the other leg.
    4. Pull the suit over your hips, straighten it to your chest.
    5. Insert one hand into the sleeves, then the other.
    6. Throw the top of the suit over your shoulders and head, straighten the folds.
    7. Close the inner and outer airtight zippers.
    8. Put on gloves.
    9. After putting on the suit, you can start putting on the breathing apparatus and other accessories.

    Should You Wear Nothing Under Wetsuit?

    Like I said earlier, wearing something under wetsuit is a thing of choice. Some people find it more convenient wearing nothing under a wetsuit.

    Meanwhile, others prefer to wear something to prevent them from cold, thereby making them more comfortable. Therefore, you can wear nothing under wetsuit too.

    Are wetsuits waterproof?

    Most wetsuits are not waterproof, so there are chances that water penetrates through them. By the way, it depends on the kind of material the wetsuit is made with.

    Frequently Asked Questions


    Do you wear clothes over a wetsuit?

    No, you don’t wear cloths over a wetsuit except you are out of the underwater.

    What do you wear under a wetsuit in cold water?

    You can wear Neoprene Shorts, Lycra, Cycling Trunks, Swimming Suits, Neoprene T-shirts, among others in cold water.

    Do you wear anything under your wetsuit?

    Yes, there are a number of materials that you can wear under your wetsuit where some of them include; Neoprene Shorts, Lycra, Cycling Trunks, among others

    Do divers pee in their wetsuits?

    Divers can pee on their wetsuits providing it is theirs. There is nothing wrong with it, except it is borrowed from someone else.


    What else can you advise divers to wear under a wetsuit? Underwear is also an affordable option. Most often, cotton underwear is used, but it is characterized by a short wear period.

    Spandex and Lycra are ideal, but you will need to worry about drying your laundry after each dive. Many divers use tights in the old fashioned way to make it easier to wear the wetsuit.

    Today this is no longer required, as special thin wetsuits have appeared. However, diving veterans can still be seen wearing tights.

    I believe you are no longer confused about what to wear under wetsuit. So play your role by using these social share button below, so that your colleagues too can know what to wear under wetsuit male and female.

    Over to you, what do you wear under your wetsuits? Let’s hear from you in the comment section below!

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